19 June 2008

Alex’s first post: about myself

I thought I’d use my first entry to introduce myself. My name is Alex Zivanovic and I’m a freelance robotics/mechatronics/electronics/computing consultant and I’m collaborating with the Material Belief’s team.

My background is in engineering, specifically robotics, having done a PhD and postdoc research at Imperial College London on medical robotics. Over the last few years I have become interested in the artistic side of robotics, particularly, robots as interactive sculpture. I have carried out research into the work of the artist Edward Ihnatowicz, particularly the Senster and have made a website about it.

I teach workshops on using the Arduino (a microcontroller aimed at artists and designers), for Tinker.it. In particular, I run one on using actuators.

I teach one day a week at the Royal College of Art on the Design Products course, helping the students incorporate electronics into their products.

I also carry out commissions for artists wishing to use mechatronics in their work.

You can find more information about me on my website.

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