12 March 2010


TransNatural is a programme of events taking place in Amsterdam from 19th February – 19th March 2010, including an exhibition, a symposium and workshops. Here’s some description from the event website:

Technology was the means by which we separated ourselves from nature, and escaped its limitations. In the 21st century we move beyond the animosity between nature and technology. In a lot of areas we see new fruitful collaborations and new kinds of unity: in our dealings with the environment en with energy, but also in arts, architecture, fashion and games… What will this transnatural world look like? Is this a next evolutionary step, or merely a changed perception of ourselves?

On Saturday 13th I’ll be presenting Material Beliefs as a part of the symposium, along with Rachel Armstrong, Jan Jongert, Elio Caccavale and Koert van Mensvoort. A focus for me will be a less separated view of technical and natural objects. In an account of speculative design, I’ll show how bodies, technologies, research issues, labs and materials are brought together as an open-ended form of public engagement of science and technology.

The programme is put together by Multiplex, including production by Arjen Bangma and Sanne de Rooij, and curarion by Klaas Kuitenbrouwer.

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