08 March 2007

Material Beliefs Workshop

Material Beliefs Workshop – 18th April 2007

A one day workshop in London to explore partnerships between engineers and designers for public engagement.

The overall theme of Material Beliefs is to encourage a public debate over the impact of technologies which give rise to novel interactions between our bodies and materials. In what ways will we become extended, dispersed, improved, displaced, or empowered by new arrangements of engineering around and within our bodies?

The workshop is a one day event on April 18th. A group of 30 will be drawn from engineering and design backgrounds, as well as from science communication and social sciences.

In the morning there will be a range of short presentations about recent collaborations between designers and engineers. Moving into the afternoon, there will be a set of activities aimed at creating a model for embedding designers within UK engineering departments, and to hopefully set up some collaborations.

If you be interested in attending the workshop – to see what is going on and to contribute to the activities – please contact Andy Robinson or Tobie Kerridge:


In particular we’re looking for engineers who work in a field related to the project theme (bodies and technology), and are looking for the chance to do exciting collaborations with designers for public engagement.

Thank you for your interest, more details will be posted shortly.

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